Life With Autism

You are not alone!

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Life With Autism was created as a platform for carers and family members whose lives are affected by Autism Spectrum Condition. Within the "Life With Autism" website you can make contact with other parents and carers to share thoughts and experiences which in turn help to dispel the isolation that many parents and carers experience.

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"Life With Autism" will provide a focal point where carers and family members can connect online, chat, share photo's & videos and hopefully build friendships. Everyone and anyone whose life is affected by autism is welcome to come and join us. As a parent & carer of a grown son severely affected by autism I know only too well the isolation, frustration and confusion that comes hand in hand with the condition and our aim is to lessen that load for other parents and carers by sharing it.

Please help us to spread the word that 'you are not alone' so that we may be able to understand the condition of autism that much better.

        Founder of "Life With Autism"