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Sensory Sensitivities and Autism.
02 35 hours ago
Supporting Autism in the Community.
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Taking your Autistic child to the theatre/movies.
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Sleeping problems in Autism & some suggested solutions.
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Late diagnosis does not help.
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Yes or No. Does my child have Autism?
033 8 days ago
Sad, sad, so sad this family's experience.
014 9 days ago
The Gut is the source of many problems in Autism.
042 11 days ago
A successful college for Autism in London.
030 2 weeks ago
You can & you will achieve: a Mum's story re' her son.
030 2 weeks ago
Some recent facts about Autism in the UK.
031 2 weeks ago
My Autistic child has a sleep problem. Why?
019 2 weeks ago
Asperger's & issues with Social Skills.
026 2 weeks ago
The dangers of Wandering for an Autistic child.
030 2 weeks ago
So, there is a link between Autism & Mercury.
028 3 weeks ago
Hiding Autism from view.
038 3 weeks ago
Tantrum or meltdown? They are different.
040 3 weeks ago
Two conditions that impact o Autism: Depression and OCD.
023 3 weeks ago
Helping the Autistic School Refuser.
026 3 weeks ago
Making life easier at Christmas for the Autistic child.
043 3 weeks ago